the truffle gourmand offers the unique opportunity for food lovers, experienced and novice, to try one of the most cherished and coveted ingredients in existence – the truffle, and that’s the mushroom not the chocolate! We are a young company made up of a professional husband and wife team who just love great food and great produce. One of our personal all-time favourites is the gorgeous truffle – both black and white. We decided that we wanted to bring our passion for this amazing ingredient to life by introducing the Croatian-sourced version to the UK market. While you might ask, why the Croatian truffle, the answer is simple – Matej (that’s the husband) is Croatian and we truly believe that the Croatian truffle is of such quality as to rival the best of the best out there. This, however, is where our comparison with other truffle suppliers ends because our ethos and approach is very different. While truffles have historically been reserved as a food for mainly the rich and famous to indulge in, we would like to introduce this gorgeous delicacy to anyone who considers themselves a lover of great food. We believe that while the truffle will always remain a gloriously indulgent ingredient, the audience who should savour it should be as diverse as can be with the only common denominator being an appreciation of the amazing flavour and aroma a truffle brings.


We hope you will enjoy these delicious little treasures as much as we do! 


Matej and Soraya